Everything is ready at the Port of Mataró for a new edition of the POSIDÓNIA FEST

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La segona edició del Festival Posidònia comptarà amb les actuacions de Roger Mas, Marina Rossell, Miquel Gil, Magalí Sare, Jo Jet i Maria Ribot, Caamaño&Ameixeiras, Golden Embers, Diode i Mama Calypso i els xavals tropicals.

On September 1, 2 and 3, 2022, the Port of Mataró will host the second edition of the POSIDONIA FESTIVAL, a music festival where the public can attend, through a single ticket or subscription, high-quality concerts.

One of the great novelties this year is that there will be two stages. On the main stage, keeping the same times as in the previous edition (7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.), they will perform Caamaño&Ameixeiras, Roger Mr, Jo Jet and Maria Ribot, Marina Rossell, Magali Sare i Miguel Gil. The other stage will be dedicated exclusively to Maresme artists and the artists who will perform have been chosen through a call to Maresme musicians. Among the 34 proposals received, they have been chosen Golden Embers, Diode i Mama Calypso and the tropical cubs.

The tickets, which are on sale on the website www.posidoniafest.cat, have a price of €18 per day (includes the three concerts). A €45 pass has also been put on sale for the nine concerts of the festival.

He POSIDONIA FESTIVAL, apart from being a music festival, has also become a space dedicated to art. This year we reached a collaboration agreement with the FESTIVAL REVEALS who will hold an analog photography exhibition that will serve as a prelude to the exhibitions and activities they have organized from September 9.

The Mataró record label Microscopi, with the support of the Port of Mataró, the Mataró Town Council, the Maresme Regional Council, sponsors and collaborators, make this festival possible with the aim of consolidating this appointment with music, unique in city


Dijous 1. 19 h – Caamaño&Ameixeiras

Duo linked to music and roots dance that presents its latest album 'Aire!', an approach to different popular music and dances always having Galicia as a point of origin and return. Winners of the Martin Códax Prize for Folk Music, their album features collaborations with Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Fetén Fetén and Carola Ortiz, among others.

Dijous 1. 8:30 p.m. – Golden Embers

Andrea Cardenburg (vocals, violin) and Ramon Rodríguez (vocals, guitars) lead the group from Matarón and have just released their first EP "Origens". The band considers itself a group of singer-songwriters with various influences such as folk, indie or soft rock, taking great care of the conceptual meaning of their songs within the album.

Thursday 1. 9:30 p.m. – Roger Mas

He will reinterpret the emblematic and well-known songs from his discography as well as those of other poets and authors. Song concert inspired by three pillars: modern music, our own tradition and the various ancestral musics of the world, with the usual spontaneity and peculiar atmosphere created by the artist who arrives accompanied by Míriam Encinas (dilruba, flutes and percussion).

Friday 2. 7 pm – Jo Jet and Maria Ribot

They present their most relevant musical career, and include in the repertoire the newest songs that mark the beginning of their new stage. With two voices, guitar and the drums of Josep Cordobés, Jo Jet and Maria Ribot present an emotional and groundbreaking concert that serves as an introduction to what will be their next album, without ceasing to emphasize the "Sant Llorenç" stage that they now leave behind.

Friday 2. 8:30 pm – Diode

PPau Mainé (guitar and effects) and Joan Torrentó (violin), duo from El Masnou and Arenys de Mar, respectively, will present "Ethymos", their first album. A concert of traditional Catalan songs with arrangements influenced by classical pieces and jazz.

Friday 2. 9:30 pm – Marina Rossell

He will present the songs from his latest album '300 Crits', one of the artist's most personal, intimate and at the same time daring works, which follows his natural route advancing in the search for songs of resistance. Themes that are born from the need to survive the cursed times, songs that always move us, and that have accompanied generations.

Saturday 3. 7 pm – Magalí Sare

The versatile artist presents 'Esponja', her second album as a singer-songwriter. The theme of the songs revolves around the configuration of one's personality, emphasizing the stages of life that most define our character, childhood, adolescence, tender, turbulent and full of changes. Salvador Sobral and La Migas collaborated on this album.

Saturday 3. 8:30 p.m. – Mama Calypso and the tropical cubs

Band formed by members of Mataró, Sant Cebrià de Vallalta and Cabrera de Mar led by the voice of composer, playwright and clown Maria Solà. The musicians, with great experience in different bands, circus and cabaret shows, will present us with a concert that promises to become a musical show.

Saturday 3. 9:30 p.m. – Miquel Gil

Twenty years of Organic is a show designed to celebrate a work that has left its mark and has become a benchmark for new generations. In this show, Miquel Gil also reviews the most celebrated songs from his solo repertoire with a live performance that recreates the original sound and features some of the musicians who were part of the first band.

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