"Hamnet" returns on Friday, this time in the courtyard of the Mataró Prison

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Mataroní Pere Vàzquez directs the play, which premieres this Friday, July 16, with the young actor Quim Font and Joan Crosas as protagonists. The play was performed a year ago in Can Gassol with great success.

Born in 1585, Hamnet Shakespeare was the second child of the English writer, the only boy. When Hamnet was a child, William Shakespeare left the family to devote himself fully to the theater. In 1596, the most famous playwright of all time returned to Stratford-upon-Avon because he was warned that Hamnet was seriously ill. When he arrived, the boy was dead.

Three years later, Shakespeare published one of the most important plays in history: "Hamlet". Based on this true story, "Hamnet", by Bush Moukarzel and Ben Kidd, reflects on remorse, abandonment and the relationship between parents and children. The production, directed by Pere Vàzquez, premieres this Friday, July 16 in the Mataró Prison building and will be on the bill until July 25, in 6 unique functions at the price of 10 euros. Tickets can be purchased at website of the Directorate of Culture.

The plot of "Hamnet" has little to do with the plots of Shakespeare's plays and introduces issues such as parallel dimensions and time travel in a framework related to death. All in all, without forgetting issues such as the difficulties of adults to understand children or the difference between being a great man and being a good man.

The young actor from Matarón Quim Font puts himself in the shoes of Hamnet and carries the weight of the work. Font, which emerged from the Sala Cabanyes quarry, was one of the protagonists of the musical "Billy Elliot", performed in 2018 and 2019.

The production has the collaboration of the actor Joan Crosas as William Shakespeare. Crosas, known for his theatrical roles in "Mar i cel", "Blood Brothers" or "Sweeney Todd", in series such as "Venddelplà" and for being one of the voices of the music group Els Esquirols, offers the counterpoint to the young Hamnet, with whom he dialogues and justifies the decisions he made as a father, in a shocking audiovisual appearance.

With an innovative theatrical language and a screen that is always on, the audience sees the world through the eyes of a Hamnet trapped at the age of thirteen, who is too young to understand adults, but… The question is: and the adults? Are we ready to understand Hamnet?

Hamnet premiered for the first time a year ago at Can Gassol, Center for the Creation of Performing Arts in Mataró, breaking the stage shutdown in our city. In addition, it did so with great public success.

This Friday he will raise his heel in a particular setting: the courtyard of the old prison of Mataró. A historic building in the city, listed as a Cultural Property of National Interest, which will soon host the definitive headquarters of the MAC, the Mataró Center for Contemporary Art.

The Mataró Prison stopped working more than fifty years ago. It is the first penitentiary building in the State that was built using the panoptic system, that is to say, which allows you to see the entire interior from a single point.

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