We have a conversation with young people "Project Snow" Salesians of St. George

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In the space "The Voice of Institutions" Today, more than one entity, we will discuss a project carried out in Mataro Social Education Platform "Sant Jordi Salesians."

We refer to "project Snow”, Which works on awareness and intercultural reality.

It is to talk about this project that, a Cultural Mataro We have with us, accompanied by her educator, Núria Molina, the group of young people who through photographs have shown their vision of the Cerdanyola neighborhood of our city, highlighting the cultural diversity, the strength of businesses, organizations and neighborhood spaces.

Pictures that we have seen for fifteen days in the halls of Civic Center Area Gatassa.

The project aims to raise awareness among the communities of reference, especially young people, about the richness of a society that is diverse and plural, carrying out awareness-raising actions in the neighborhood. They seek to work out the prejudices, rumors and stereotypes that may exist due to the existence of different cultural realities.

It is the young people themselves who decide how they want to do it, and they have chosen photography because they considered it to be the easiest way to show reality. With the photos they have been able to show what the reality of the neighborhood is like. They have also chosen photography because, they say, today's young people do not enjoy reading and the image is easier for them.

Asked what their way of working was during the project, the young women explain that before going out they made a list of the shops and entities they considered important and then went to visit them to ask them to be able to photograph, but if in the middle they saw one they had not pointed out and believing it to be interesting they added it.

For the group, the realization of the project has meant better knowledge of the neighborhood and its people. They are happy with the result and the acceptance it has received. They believe that they have exceeded the initial objectives because, in addition to the neighborhood institutes, they have been able to exhibit the work at the Gatassa Civic Center and will soon do so at institutes in other neighborhoods of the city.

Finally, we talk about the future and tell us that they are working on producing a video with the participation of different people in the neighborhood.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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