Eloi Aymerich have a conversation with one of the drivers, a year ago, the Manifesto Cultura15

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At espIn today’s “La Veu de les Entitats”, we talked to one of the promoters of the Cultura15 Manifesto, which called for more resources, especially economic ones, for culture in Mataró.

In March 2019, a group of about ten people wrote and published one manifesto in favor of culture in Mataro, which was joined by almost two hundred people, including creators, artists, educators, etc. Now that the cut announced by the current municipal government, of almost two hundred and fifty thousand euros of the budget in culture, is up to date, Cultural Mataro he wanted to recover that text and talk to one of its main promoters, the cultural activist, cooperator and doctor in communication, Eloi Aymerich.

The aim of the manifesto was to ask the political forces that participated in the municipal elections of May of that year, a commitment consisting of:

  1. To fight and achieve so that at the end of the mandate, and progressively during the next four years, the economic and material resources destined to the culture of the city arrive at a minimum of 15% of the municipal budget, and happen to be one of the Catalan municipalities leaders in betting on culture.
  2. Guarantee a considerable increase in resources for cultural grants and agreements programs, reaching a minimum of 500,000 euros per year.
  3. Make publicly owned spaces available to the local cultural fabric for collective management. The factories of Can Xalant, Can Minguell, Can Marfà and Vapor Gordils, among others, must be spaces, also and at least, totally or partially for culture.

In the conversation you will learn about Aymerich’s opinion regarding the cancellation of the Organ and Jazz festivals, among other events, as well as the delay in the commissioning of facilities such as the Prison.

You will also be able to find out how the manifesto was born and what the response was to the different candidacies.

Aymerich justifies the need for economic readjustment of the City Council. Despite being convinced that the suppression of a Festival such as the Organ does not solve the economic situation, in its answers it moves to previous years, thus justifying the action of the current rulers and it can be understood that the responsibility of the situation of culture in the city to the different cultural agents.

Another topic that is discussed in the conversation is what should be the model of our Festa Major and the impact it should have on the municipal budget.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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