The language platform announces that Siri, Apple's voice assistant, will speak Catalan

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The American multinational has published a job offer to hire an analyst and include Catalan in Siri. In this way, Siri will become the first voice assistant on the market to speak Catalan.

According to the Language Platform, the possibility that Apple will have its voice assistant in Catalan is already a reality. On Tuesday, the American multinational published new job offers to include analysts at Siri in different languages, one of which is Catalan.

According to InformeCat 2020, none of the 32 voice assistants in the market speak Catalan, and if Apple takes that step, Siri will be the first voice assistant in the market to do so. The incorporation of Catalan in Apple's voice assistant would respond to the language needs of Catalan-speaking users of devices such as the iPhone or iPad, in accordance with one of the requests that the Platform for the Language requested from the company. In addition, the Siri wizard in Catalan would also make it possible for Apple CarPlay to be configured in this language as well, as it uses the Siri voice recognition and speech system.

Apple has also improved its software this September. The new version of iOS includes music lists entirely in Catalan and Apple TV already has its entire interface in our language. This makes it, together with Filmincat, the only video platform that is minimally sensitive to our language.

The Language Platform has been working for a long time to ensure that Catalan is present in the field of digital technologies. In 2018, the entity claimed that, in addition to incorporating Catalan into the MacOs and iOS operating system, would be available on Siri and Apple CarPlay. The American multinational reacted negatively, responding that it had no intention of including it in either application.

Now it seems that, as a result of the various actions taken, the Californian company has launched this new job offer with requirements related to the mastery of the Catalan language, linguistic and cultural knowledge and analytical skills to be able to evaluate answers. This fact favors linguistic normalization and the improvement of the service for Catalan speakers, and could, later, lead to new linguistic adaptations in other applications of the brand.

Other initiatives are known, such as Mozilla's Common Voice, which works for the recognition of language in voice assistants, or the work of the Generalitat de Catalunya, which is developing a voice assistant project that will make available to companies a once completed.

Since 2009 that the Language Platform fights for Apple to include Catalan in all its creations. So let’s celebrate that he now wants Siri to speak our language, and we hope he’s not the only voice assistant to do so, but to follow the example of Alexa or Google Assistant.

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