Ramon Llibre and Montserrat Mora tell us about the Mataró Children’s Passion Association

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We will talk to the president of the Children’s Passion Association, Ramon Llibre, and its artistic director, Montserrat Mora. They both tell us how the organization was born, its trajectory and what are currently its main activities.

Ramon llibre tells us about the journey that the association has taken. From the beginnings at the Pia de Santa Anna School, to the current rehearsals at the Cabot i Barba Civic Center, to the Parish of Sant Josep. Many children have spent all these years in the theater workshops organized by the organization. Basically performances around traditions like Christmas or Saint Simon.

For her part, Montserrat Mora has been the artistic director of the Children’s Passion Association for a year. She explains to us the impact of the pandemic on the activity they carry out, but above all she tells us about the collaborative atmosphere of the trials.

Mora, who came into contact with the organization as a mother who accompanied her daughters to the workshops, takes the opportunity to encourage children who are eager to try it to go and see them on Friday afternoons at the Civic Center. in Cabot and Barba.

As you listen to the interview, you can see how excited they are about the work they do and how well the boys and girls involved are doing.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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