The company

"Cultural Mataro" we are a group of people who love culture and love our city, which is Mataró.

We are convinced that culture makes us free people, makes us critical and autonomous citizens with civic values. It is the axis, the guiding thread, of many social policies in any community, also in the municipality and in the neighborhood.

The Association for Culture and Social Cohesion Cultural Mataro is a young and lively, non-profit organization, aimed at promoting the identity, culture and language of Catalonia. Its essential activity is the publication of publications and other informative materials, primarily digital and / or audiovisual, on the works and conclusions derived from its activities, as well as promoting knowledge and cultural and artistic exchange between Mataró and other cities. , both in Catalonia and abroad.

We work for social cohesion with culture as the main tool, from the enthusiasm and complicity with other social agents with whom we share goals and concerns.

We are a transversal group of people committed and involved in the associative fabric of Mataró, coming from different fields of culture and volunteering. Open to any proposals in line with our goals, which we invite you to send us via our email.

Current Board of Directors

PRESIDENT Dionísio Fernández Garcia

TREASURER / VICE PRESIDENT Ildefonso Marmol Notary

SECRETARY / COMMUNICATION Fernandez and Quim Oller

VOCAL Albert Geronès Llinares

VOCAL Genis Mayola and Serrat

VOCAL Ocatvi Nonell i Carulla

VOCAL Llorenç Rovira i Torrent

VOCAL Miquela Subirà and Claus