To achieve our goals, a "Cultural Mataro" We propose to carry out the following activities:

  • Publishing of publications and other informative materials, primarily digital and / or audiovisual, on the works and conclusions derived from our own activities.
  • Cultural activities such as exhibitions, concerts, conferences and all those events that go in the direction of achieving the goals of the association.
  • The organization of meetings between our city and other towns to carry out exchange activities in the fields of culture, citizenship and all that has as their purpose the growth of human beings.
  • Collaborate in the dissemination of cultural activity organized by other entities in Mataró and its surroundings.

“Mataró Cultural” program on Ràdio la Veu TV

Currently, a team of “Mataró Cultural ” edit and produce a radio program on the radio Radio La Veu TV, which airs fortnightly at noon on Sunday and repeats the following Monday and Friday from 9 p.m.

The program, which bears the name of the entity, includes interviews to characters of the cultural one, works its microphone a institutions to know its history, present and future, it has spaces dedicated to the promotion of reading and it also has a space for opinion.

Computer program
      • Dionisio Garcia Fernandez
        Mataró Cultural Team
        Mataró Cultural Team
      • Fernandez and Quim Oller
      • Albert Gerònes i Llinares
      • Ildefonso Marmol Notario
      • Octavi Nonell and Carulla
      • Miquela Subirà and Claus
      • Joan Balagué Bookstore Tram
      • Ariadna Morales Albets, journalist

Here you can retrieve all the broadcast programs.

Program "Music without expiration date" on Ràdio la Veu TV

Music without expiration date is a program produced by theAssociation for Culture and Social Cohesion MATARÓ CULTURAL, edited and presented by Genís Mayola, a member of the organization.

The program is broadcast fortnightly at 12 noon on Ràdio La Veu TV and aims to help us understand and love so-called classical music.

Genís Mayola, in a very didactic way, reviews those musicians and composers that have lasted over time and are still heard.

Each program is usually a different composer, but you can also find programs dedicated to, for example, popular or Christmas music.

Here you can retrieve all the broadcast programs.

Project socio-L'Alguer Mataro

With seven more associations, the organization is promoting one Socio-cultural exchange project between Mataro and Alghero. At this time, the implementation of the proposal, which had already obtained sufficient funding, has been postponed due to the international health situation caused by the presence of COVID19.