Description of the proposal

Collaboration between local and regional entities for social and cultural exchange between the cities of Mataro (Catalonia) and Alghero (Sardinia) mainly through theorganizing events in the field of cultural disciplines and the business sector, with the participation of artists, actors, musicians and experts, all regular collaborators in the city.

Activities and work plan

  • Production of durable items in time to facilitate knowledge of the social, cultural and economic reality of our city and region. Elements that will be exhibited next to works by various plastic artists from Mataró, as well as during conferences and other planned events.
  • Editing a publication that reflects the program of all the actions that it proposes to carry out, that serves as a catalog of the planned exhibition and that incorporates elements of promotion of the city. It is also planned to publish a promotional leaflet.
  • organization meetings between a delegation of business people from Mataro and economic fabric of Alghero, as well as between the components of theater and music groups and artists Mataró moving and trainers Alghero.
  • possibility return and continuity of trade as a tool to promote city to bring in new visitors from cities and counties with which Mataró and / or the Maresme have some element in common. In the case that it is a project, it is the language.


The project has been designed and drafted by local entities, all based in the city of Mataró, but is completely open to the participation of entities in the Maresme region, convinced that this fact would enrich the proposal.

The entities that initially participate in the project, driven by theAssociation for Culture and Social Cohesion CULTURAL MATARÓ, are:

  • Radio Association The Voice of Cerdanyola
  • Cabanyes Room, theater section Catholic Center
  • St. Luke by Art Mataro
  • Archive Museum of Santa Maria, Center for Local Studies
  • Federation Ass. and Business Guilds of the Maresme (FAGEM)
  • Cultural Òmnium, Delegation of the Maresme
  • promotion Mataroní
  • Ithaca trio

In addition, the project is supported by Òmnium Cultural de Alghero and the City Council of Alghero.

Here you will find the Technical and Economic Report of the project.