Presentation of the book “EL TRAMVIA MATARÓ-ARGENTONA DESAPAREGUT” by Nicolau Guanyabens

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Guanyabens will present, on September 16 at 2/4 of 8 pm, his book "EL TRAMVIA MATARÓ-ARGENTONA DESAPAREGUT". The event, organized by Mataró Cultural, will take place in Les Esmandies.

The play, published in February this year by Editorial Efados will be presented in the assembly hall of the Casal de Barri in Les Esmandies (Rda. O’Donnell, 94) in Mataró. The presentation will be given by its author, the historian from Mataró Nicolau Guanyabens.

Book, which is part of the “Catalunya Desapareguda” collection, reveals an interesting selection of 160 images of the tram that operated between Mataró and Argentona between 1928 and 1965. An endearing and popular line of seven red cars and burning that formed part of the urban, interurban and human landscape of both populations. A unique tram that was, together with Montgat-Tiana, the only Catalan electric tram outside the Barcelona area. A simple tram that came as a sign of modernity and ended, for many reasons, as an annoying nuisance.

The 2017, Gunyabens published “MATARÓ DESAPAREGUT: CARRERS I PAISATGES”, which is part of the same collection ofEditorial Efados.

The prologue, written by the doctor of law and transport historian, Ferran Armengol and Ferrer, defines the tram from Mataró to Argentona as a sign of identity for Mataro and Argentines, which could look like a big toy. Dr. Armengol says that in the book of Earnings, those who knew the tram will relive the experience, and those who see it for the first time, will be able to get an idea of ​​what it represented.

Biography de l'author

He has a degree in history from the University of Barcelona and a degree in teaching. A member of the team at the Museu Arxiu de Santa Maria since 1979, he has been researching aspects related to the cultural, artistic and social life of Mataró in recent centuries.

He has published various articles in the magazine Sheets of the Museum Archive. He has collaborated in archival work and in the elaboration of various catalogs of exhibitions at the Mataró Museum (Photography S. Carreras, Anthological Exhibition by Jordi Arenas or Private Collection of the Xavier Ubach Collection, among others). He has also published works such as “Les Santes. The main festival of Mataró ”,“ The giants of the city of Mataró ”and“ The Eagle of Mataró, 400 years ”, among others.

He worked as an adult education teacher in Badalona, ​​and as a rural school teacher he taught a course in Vallgorguina. He has been a primary school teacher for twenty years at the Rocafonda School in the city of Mataró and since 2003 he has been working as a municipal archivist in the town of Montornès del Vallès.

During the event, in which all the sanitary measures for the prevention of COVID-19 will be complied with, copies of the book will be available thanks to the collaboration of the Llibreria del Tramvia de Mataró.

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