Celler Castellví is the trade name of the wine shop located in Plaça de Cuba in Mataró.

The main activity of the store is the marketing of bottled wines, cavas and distillates, the sale of wines by the glass and the production of gifts and gifts for the Christmas campaign. We find more than 2,500 references, wines from all denominations of origin in Catalonia and most of the state, a high specialization in whiskey and a large assortment of liqueurs and spirits.

We will also carry out leisure and training activities such as tastings, tasting courses and pairings.

The opening of this establishment dates back to 1886 by Mr. Gaspar Duran i Cuyàs. For many years, the main activity of the winery was the sale of wines by the glass and the production of vinegar, which is sent in large volumes to Galicia to package preserves. Around the 1950s, the Celler underwent a major refurbishment that outlined the character of the establishment to this day. The sales area is enlarged and the bottom of the place is arranged, creating a space called "the sacristy", where the best wines are stored.

In 1967 the Celler was acquired by the Castellví family, the current owners of the establishment. Since then, the Celler has undergone various transformations that have managed to maintain the profile of the reform of the 50s.

It is, therefore, a unique establishment dedicated to the culture of wine and all that surrounds it.


Cuba Street, 42

08302 Mataró


93 798 07 86

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