Política Lingüística promotes the use of Catalan among young people on social networks

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The General Directorate of Language Policy has launched an awareness campaign to promote the use of Catalan among young people who create content on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other social networks. The slogan of the campaign is "A la reta, peta ho en català" and the label to spread it, #JoHoPetoEnCat.

The action is mainly aimed at young people who use Catalan regularly, but, on the other hand, do not usually do so when they create content on the web. It will be distributed in digital publications aimed at this target audience and a collection can be seen on the website of Catalan language.

On the net, click on it in Catalan”Is part of the program of the General Directorate of Language Policy to encourage the creation of content on the web in the line of study ‘Catalan, youtubers and instagramers. A starting point for promoting the use of the language ’, prepared by the University Center for Research in Sociolinguistics and Communication at the University of Barcelona, ​​commissioned by the General Directorate of Language Policy.

The program also includes other initiatives such as financial support for platforms driven by online content creators, such as Malaia Channel, to platforms that favor the financing of networking projects such as Faucet, to actions aimed at consolidating and making visible a system of references to projects of social influencers in Catalan.

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