We talk about the Three Tombs of Mataró with Pere Gené

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In the year when we could not see horses or carriages on the streets, in Mataró Cultural we wanted to talk to Pere Gené, president of the Old Brotherhood of Sant Antoni Abat, who is in charge of maintaining the tradition in our city.

When a few days ago the celebration of Sant Antoni Abat, the traditional festival of peasant beasts. On this day, the traditional Tres Tombs are celebrated annually throughout the country with the blessing of the animals that take part. A tradition that could not be celebrated this year due to the pandemic.

To talk about this tradition in Mataró and the Old Brotherhood of Sant Antoni Abat, an entity that keeps it alive, we talk to Pere Gené, who is its president.

Pere Gené explains that the entity he chairs has a history of one hundred and fifty years. We will also hear how, in the past, on Saint Anthony's Day, the beasts of the field celebrated and did not go out to work. The reaction of the little ones to seeing some animals that they usually do not find on the street, the carriages that have disappeared and the difference in how the peasantry works today, are topics that the president of the organization will review.

The conversation does not lack a tour of the history of the Three Tombs in Mataró, as well as the opinion on how the City Council has replaced the party this year with old photographs in pastry shops. There is no lack of a reference to the National Meeting of the Three Tombs in Mataró in 2013.

Also interesting is Pere Gené’s opinion on the entities that question the fact that animals take to the streets to take part in festive events such as the Cavalcade of Kings, the Parade of the Armed Forces, Carnival and, also, the Three Tombs.

If you reach the end of the conversation, you will know some proposals for the future regarding the celebration of the Three Tombs in our City.

Do not miss it!

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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