We spoke with Josep Fadó, a true artistic ambassador of Mataró

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Josep Fadó reviews what the last two years have been like artistically. A first year full of difficulties due to the pandemic and a last season of recovery, full of successes. He also tells us about his "step aside" in the Mass of the Saints.

This is the second time that Long ago and interviewed by Mataró Cultural. Exactly two years ago, in June 2000, the Mataro tenor participated in our program via videoconference due to the confinement to which we were subjected.

For the interviewee, he believes that not everything has been negative during this time. In the case of the group of lyrical artists of the peninsula, the pandemic has made it possible to agree to create the Union of Lyrical Artists of Spain, which brings them all together. It had been tried several times, but so far had failed.

The season that is now coming to an end has been, for Josep Fadó, that of recovery in the world of culture and also in the case of lyric poetry. In the interview, the tenor from Mataró explains how it has been, especially what has represented his time at the “Teatro Real” in Madrid, considered the best theater in the world, which has already hired him to premiere the season 24 / 25. During the conversation, there is no shortage of anecdotes from a job like yours and a mention of the performance at the Mataró Hospital in homage to the medical staff.

But, for many years, for Josep Fadó, the season ended with his participation in the Mass of the Saints. In the conversation with Mataró Cultural, Fadó explains the details that have led him to make the decision to "take a step aside", giving up singing there this year. Despite the detailed explanation of what has happened, the artist from Mataró leaves open the possibility of an in-depth debate after the summer.

The last part of the interview is devoted, as it could not be otherwise, to a review of the proposals that the artist has in the immediate future and that can be found on his website.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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