We spoke to Guifré Tarragó, author of two books that tell us our story

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Tarragó has left written records of the small family stories lived, especially during the Spanish Civil War. As he says, the story of each family is one more piece of the great puzzle that represents the collective story.

Guifré Tarragó tells us how his interest in knowing what had happened to the family during the Spanish Civil War led him to write.

Since he was a teenager he has been collecting information, which he has received from conversations with different people. Work and his civic and social activity never left him time to leave a written record, which he has done once retired.

His first book, titled "A journey through time", received the Romà Planas i Miró Award for popular memorials, which is awarded by the town of La Roca del Vallès. In the words of the author, the book is a tribute to his family: to the Tarragó and Mir lineages and to their history of roots in the city of Mataró. Tarragó narrates the events with rigor and manages to take the reader on a journey from the 16th century to the present day. Dwelling on the most remarkable episodes in the lives of their ancestors.

Subsequently, Guifré Tarragó started a new work with the aim of explaining the origin and history of the Social Center in the Palau neighborhood, where he lived after he had just married. The confinement made him park this work to give way to a second book in which he delves into some of the protagonists of the first.

The Cafè del Mar de Mataró was, last September, the place chosen for the presentation of the book "Anonymous heroes of the Tarragó and Mir family". The work that Tarragó wrote during the confinement in order to pay tribute to his family and contribute one more grain of sand to the preservation of the historical memory of the capital of Maresme. The author defines his work as another piece of the puzzle of our collective history.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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