Optimot launches a dictionary of synonyms

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The service offered by the Directorate of Language Policy together with other institutions in the country, has incorporated this beginning of the year the Dictionary of synonyms Franquesa.

Optimot, linguistic consultations, is a service offered by the General Directorate of Linguistic Policy in collaboration with the Institut d’Estudis Catalans and the TERMCAT Terminology Center. It consists of a search engine for linguistic information that helps to resolve doubts about the Catalan language.

Through theOptimot different can be consulted in an integrated way fonts. When the search options offered by Optimot do not solve the linguistic doubt, a personalized attention service can be accessed.

This service has started the year with a novelty. It is the incorporation, among its sources of consultation, of a dictionary of synonyms. It is a source that users of the service had requested several times and will now be available online along with other search engine sources.

This is the Dictionary of synonyms Franquesa with updated content. The work contains about 75,000 synonyms, including phrases and phrases, and 15,000 related words, that is, words that have something to do with the entry or any of the synonyms. It also contains antonyms.

To locate articles in this dictionary, type the word whose equivalent we are looking for in the search box and leave the "basic" default option selected. Then, to speed up the search, you can use the Choose result by sources resource, where the new source appears with the full name (Dictionary of synonyms Franquesa).

You can also access the results from this source using the advanced fence, in which the dictionary also appears in the list of sources with the full name.

Dictionary entries contain different meanings, if any, as well as additional information for each: definitions, examples, usage marks, figurative meanings, etc.

On the other hand, if we do not find the synonym or antonym in the dictionary, you can always send the query to the personalized attention service, yes, with the context in which the word in question appears so that we understand well what meaning we need.

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