The call for the 15th edition of the Helena Jubany Short Story Prize is open

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The Helena Jubany Prize, for short story or collection of stories to be told, is endowed with € 3,000 and the winning work will be published in the newspaper ARA and later in the podcast La maleta de l’Helena, in collaboration with the UOC.


L’AHelena Jubany i Lorente Cultural Association, the Culture Department of Mataró City Council, the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) and the newspaper ARA call for the award in order to keep alive the memory of Helena, in love with the world of books, and to entrust her taste for reading and literary fiction both in the written and in the field of oral transmission.

The Culture Department of Mataró City Council is promoting, for the sixth time, the call for the contest through an agreement. The prize is endowed with € 3,000 and the winning work will be published in the newspaper ARA and on the website of the Helena Jubany i Lorente Cultural Association. It will later become part of the Podcast Helena's suitcase promoted by the UOC, which also participates in the award.

Characteristics of the works

All works consisting of short stories or collections of unpublished, original and written stories in Catalan that have a total length of between 10 and 20 pages will be eligible for the prize. The originals will be presented in five copies, typed on DIN A4 sheets written on one side, double-spaced. The texts must be addressed to an audience between the ages of 12 and 99 and the final date for submission will be October 1 this year. All originals submitted to any post office up to this date will be accepted.

The works must be sent to any of the two public libraries in Mataró: the Antoni Comas library and the Pompeu Fabra library.

The jury will be made up of Elvira Carrió, Education Inspector; Esteve Guardiola, oral narrator and bookseller of Buc de Llibres; Núria Ribas, director of the Frederic Alfonso i Orfila library in Sentmenat; Joan Fontana and Noelia Nogueiro, winners of the 14th Helena Jubany Prize; M. Àngela Serra, librarian, representing the public libraries of Mataró; Llorenç Soldevila, who has been a professor at the University of Vic; Roser Trilla, who has been a language and literature teacher at the Alexandre Satorras Institute in Mataró; and Joan Jubany i Itxart, who will act as secretary with a voice but no vote.

When issuing the verdict, the jury will take into account the literary quality of the works presented and the fact that they have characteristics that make them suitable for oral transmission without the need for further adaptations. The award ceremony will take place on December 2, 2021.

The figure of Helena Jubany

Helena Jubany i Lorente was born on February 27, 1974 and lived in Mataró until she was 26 years old. In 1996, he graduated in Journalism at the UAB. Throughout his professional training, he collaborated with Televisió de Mataró, Ràdio Premià and the newspaper El Punt Maresme.

She later worked as a bookseller at the Robafaves Cooperative, where she collaborated in the production of the magazine ‘Notícia de llibres’ and became especially interested in children’s and young people’s literature. In 1999 she left the bookshop and devoted herself to the world of books from other fields: she prepared for the librarian exams, enrolled at the UOC to study Library and Documentation and began the path of literary creation. , producing his own narratives and stories. In 2000 she began working as a librarian's assistant at the Frederic Alfonso i Orfila library in Sentmenat, where she started the children's section. Due to his work, he moved to Sabadell where he continued to develop cultural and associative activities.

She was killed in 2001. The aim of this award is to keep his memory alive and to share his love for books and literature.

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