New equipment: Tent or Circus

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On this occasion, in his space the Batec de la Cultura, Octavi Nonell gives us his opinion on the marquee installed a few months ago in the Central Park of Mataró. Installation that at the time was justified as a space to cede to the entities in order to be able to celebrate events with guarantees of health security.

Des de fa mig any els mataronins podem gaudir d’un nou equipament. I aquí ho deixo, perquè encara no està decidit quina mena d’equipament és. No sé, no sabem, si és un equipament cultural, un equipament comercial o un equipament esportiu. Tan sols sabem que el nou equipament ens costa quasi 1.500 euros cada mes i que muntar-lo ens en va costar quasi 5.000. Escara sort que els terrenys on està ubicat, la pista central del Parc Vell de Mataró, és propietat del municipi. En cas contrari, hauríem de pagar també el lloguer del solar.

At the moment everything suggests that their destination is cultural. In it it was possible to "celebrate" the pantomime of the Cavalcade of Kings. It is a large space and the fact that it is a tent, a very large tent, allows a lot of ventilation. This facilitated precisely the pantomime.

The Department of Culture has stated its intention to maintain this facility for the time being and put it at the service of entities. But so far nothing has been done but the clown.

Diuen que les mesures de seguretat imposades per la pandèmia, frenen la possibilitat de desenvolupar-hi alguns actes. La veritat, jo no hi veig pas tanta problemàtica. Aquest, diguem-ne espai, està tan ventilat com ho podien estar alguns dels locals utilitzats com a col·legits electorals el passat diumenge 14 per a les eleccions. Per altra banda, també he de dir que, en alguns carrers comercials de la ciutat hi ha molta més gent en quatre metros quadrats (2×2) que no pas la que s’hi posa en actes culturals com els que es podrien celebrar aquí.

By all this I mean that I see no reason to put too many obstacles in the way of organizations with initiatives, given that the Department of Culture is in dire need of them. Of initiatives, of course.

Unfortunately, this equipment does not have the necessary complementary facilities for certain events. There are no locker rooms, no dressing rooms, no services, no stage. There is nothing that could have been fixed, updated and modernized.

Very often, seeing the shortcomings we suffer, I am reminded of the damaged Teatre Clavé which, as good "big heads", we lost in 1979.

But this is past water and we cannot go back. Now we have to be happy and joyful that we have new equipment: La Carpa. An equipment that currently represents a cost of 18,000 euros in a year that the budget for Culture has already been reduced by 280,000 euros. Although last 2020, Culture also made cuts for another 250,000 euros. I wonder if it wouldn’t make more sense to buy it and stop paying rent.

After the miserable celebration of the Three Tombs and the Carnival, I wonder what will be the next demonstration of incompetence that they will do to us from Cultura Mataró.

Beat of Culture issued on February 21, 2021

Octavi Nonell

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