Mataró will have Easter events adapted to the situation caused by the pandemic

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To talk about the history of Easter in Mataró and also about the current situation due to COVID19, we wanted to give voice to the Easter Commission of our city, so we spoke with its president Jordi Merino.

There are a few days left until Easter. An Easter in which, like last year, due to the pandemic, we will not see the mysteries on the street. It is for this reason that we have spoken with Jordi Merino, acting president of the Easter Commission, and with Dídac Padilla, announcer of Holy Week 2021.

As soon as we start the conversation, Merino tells us that Easter is possible thanks to the sum of many people, but it is more difficult when it comes to putting a name to the forefront, so they work in a collegiate way.

The Commission is made up of a total of eleven Brotherhoods and Brotherhoods, including the Armed Forces of Mataró. Each of them has its own events, but they all come together in the General Good Friday Procession, Cultural Heritage of the City since 2013.

The history of Easter in Mataró dates back to the 16th century, with different moments and times, but Easter, as we know it now, was revived in 1986.

In the conversation, Merino explains what this recovery was like and also what the so-called “Mataró Model” of Easter consists of.

We will know why some inland towns hold very traditional Easter events and larger cities, Barcelona for example, have transformed the processions similar to what is done, especially in Andalusia, while in Mataró has been found a balance between traditional indigenous fraternities and new habits acquired from the incorporation of people from other parts of the state.

We will not end the interview without talking about how the pandemic has affected the maintenance of the tradition and how the Commission sees the future of the events of Holy Week and, especially, of the General Procession of Good Friday, Cultural Heritage of the City since 2013.

We will also have some clues as to what Easter 2021 will be like.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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