Mataró Cultural presents "El Casal Aliança", a centennial entity in the city

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The member of Mataró Cultural Octavi Nonell talks to Joan Calleja, the person who manages the New Mataro Alliance, as well as the different spaces it offers at the Casal, its headquarters on Carrer Bonaire in Mataró.

From Mataró Cultural, fulfilling our goal of making known the different cultural associations of the city, we approach a centennial entity.

We spoke with Joan Calleja, manager of The New Mataro Alliance. The Alliance is, in fact, an insurance company that provides health care to its members. At the same time, as a century-old entity, it manages a historical heritage, including the Casal on Carrer Bonaire. Calleja highlights the role of the hotel as an entity and the multipurpose room of this facility.

The organization has always had a cultural activity. Over time, it has evolved into a kind of umbrella, under which a handful of entities take refuge. This makes La Nova Aliança a kind of patron within the cultural world of the City of Mataró.

The space called "El Racó" has played an important role in the cultural, social and also political history of the city. Which gave the name to the activity of an important local character such as Terri.

Although she currently has no group of her own, as if she had had years ago, as an insurer she promotes and collaborates in cultural activities related to theater and the circus.

There are currently eight different entities based in the Casal, practically all in the cultural field.

Through this conversation, Mataró Cultural hopes to make known a little more about the Casal Aliança.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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