Cultural Mataro, organized by March 25, his first public event

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Mataro and Mataro Mataró Cultural invited to the presentation, on 25 March Esmandies The Neighborhood Center, Sant Jordi Award in 2018, the novel "Tell a Wish" Jordi Cabre.

L’Association for Cultural and Social Cohesion CULTURAL MATARÓ, born from the initiative of APICMA (Association for the Cultural Exchange Mataró - Alghero), was announced on September 8 with the broadcast of the program "Mataró Cultural", which can be heard fortnightly in The Voice of Cerdanyola, a non-profit association dedicated to communication.

But the entity is also working on the execution of another very ambitious project, theSocio-cultural exchange between Mataro and Alghero. In this case, with the participation of seven other entities in the city (La Veu de Cerdanyola, Sala Cabanyes, Foment Mataroní, Sant Lluc per l’Art, Museu Arxiu, Òmnium and FAGEM).

Now, as the first public event, the association has chosen the presentation in Mataró of the Sant Jordi Prize 2018. It is the novel "Say a Wish" by the writer, lawyer and journalist, Jordi Cabré.

The event will take place on March 25 in the auditorium of the The Neighborhood Center Esmandies.

As a cultural entity, Mataró Cultural has a transversal vocation in the territory, so the events will take place in different spaces and neighborhoods of the city. At the same time, as issues directly related to its activity, it has requested, in addition to being part of the Municipal Council of Cultural, to participate in the Security and Mobility Councils and in different territorial councils.

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