Mataró Cultural reviews its trajectory on the occasion of the broadcast of program number 25

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It has been important for the Mataró Cultural team to reach 25 programs. This milestone represents more than a year of complicity between the listeners and those who make the program with the support of Ràdio la Veu TV.

In addition, reaching 25 programs renews our strength to move forward, after overcoming the health emergency situation, to which we have had to adapt.

In the first days of confinement, Cultural Mataro va ser present amb una edició diària. Primer amb la reemissió dels espais produïts fins aquell moment de “El Foment de la Lectura”, per recordar les recomanacions en un moment en què la lectura era especialment una bona companyia. Després, vam seguir acompanyant als oients amb la lectura de fragments de les obres guanyadores en les diferents edicions del “Premi Helena Jubany de contes curts o per ser explicats”.

When we all saw that the confinement was going on for a long time, we learned to use the right tools to make conversations with characters and entities through video conferencing and we were able to resume the program with the usual format and frequency.

We even produced a special edition for St. George's Day, just at the time when we were forbidden to leave home to avoid infections.

Because of this, the content of this program is different. In program 25 we wanted to remember the previous programs.

We will first listen to excerpts from the conversations we had with the people who have passed through the space of “THE INTERVIEW”.

Later, when it's time to "THE VOICE OF ENTITIES”, We will remember some of the entities to which our program has given them the opportunity to explain what their goals are and what activities they carry out to achieve them.

Nor will we oblige ourselves to the spaces of “THE PROMOTION OF READING” i “THE BEAT OF CULTURE”, Which although shorter, are equally important to us.

On this occasion, exceptionally, we offer you the entire program at audio i en vídeo.

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