Mataró Cultural interviews Pilar González Agápito, author of several books on Mataró

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Pilar González has dedicated her entire life to public service, first working as a teacher at the Anxaneta School (1971 - 1991), leaving school and moving to municipal politics (1991 - 2007), and at present it is dedicated to write histories of the daily life of our city.

Although we could spend a lot of time with someone like Pilar González talking about education and politics, our program has invited her to talk about her role as a writer and her books.

So far, González has written a total of nine books, one a year, since he decided to embark on this adventure. The titles of these books are: "Women councilors in Mataró City Council" (2007), "La Plaça Xica, a small world" (2013), "Portraits in Mataró" (2014, dedicated to trades), "Riera amunt" riera avall “(2015),“ Fàbriques de Mataró “(2016),“ El Carrer Barcelona cent històries d'un carrer “(2017),“ Camí Ral, de l’Hotel Suïs a l’Havana “(2018),“ Plaça Gran and its surroundings ”(2019) and“ Cafés de Mataró ”(2020).

The first book, "Women councilors in Mataró City Council", wanted to be a collection of the experience of the first twenty women who were part of the Mataró City Council. At the time, Gonzalez had not considered continuing to write.

Since the publication of the first book in 2007, there has been a period of literary silence and it is not until 2013 that the first book dedicated to Mataró with the title “La plaça Xica, un petit món” does not appear. From this book come others. It was a third person who made him the proposal not to leave in a drawer everything he had collected about personal stories.

In this line, from talking to people, after the books of their immediate environment, come those who talk about trades or experiences that they tell.

In the interview, Pilar González explains how she gathered all the information to be able to write about the city. He also tells us some anecdotes that have been emerging.

We invite you to follow the interview, conducted by our colleague Albert Geronès, on our YouTube channel.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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