Mataró Cultural interviews Alejandro González, the Luthier of Mataró

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Alejandro González tells us that a luthier is the person who works with musical instruments, either building or repairing. In his case, he mainly works string instruments.

For many people it is an unknown profession. There are regulated studies today, although they can be accessed in different ways. In Alex's case, he started out as an apprentice. In his case, he specializes in guitar and double bass. The luthier builds and repairs the instruments.

To make a guitar, the luthier can be two hundred and fifty hours. This means that the instrument cannot be priced after the hours required to build it.

In the interview, Alejandro González talks about the history and details of the profession. We realize the importance of experience in a profession that is eminently manual.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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