Mataró Cultural interviews the Mataro sculptor Ramon Masramon

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In the interview space, in this program we talk to Ramon Masramón, an artist from Mataró who moves in the world of the visual arts. Although he has worked in various materials and made pottery, he is known as a sculptor.

Our guest today has worked, clay, wood, bronze, wire, snow,… But the material he feels most identified with is stone. In the case of snow sculptures, work in groups. After presenting a project, they go where they are invited, usually outside of Spain, where, he says, they value art much more.

Masramon has done more than a dozen exhibitions. He has participated in various groups, where he says he has grown a lot with comments and debate with other artists. The last one he made at the Museu Arxiu de Llavaneres stands out, just before the closure of the cultural activity due to the pandemic.

He explains that, for him, the work is usually a representation of the feeling that the artist has at the time of creation. This does not mean that many times, in order to be able to sell, he makes furniture or decorative elements, always with an artistic value.

He has also participated in many symposia, both in Spain and in different European and American countries.

He is currently working for a collective and the latest work he has delivered is a piece for the competition organized by the Vila Casas Foundation.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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