Mataró Cultural interviews Mataro actor David de Gea, who has been working and living in Madrid for some years

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De Gea is a young actor from the quarry of the EPMA Theater Group in the Cerdanyola district, trained in the Aula de Teatre de Mataró and also in Barcelona, ​​who later moved to Madrid, where he now lives and works.

In an interview with Mataró Cultural, de Gea tells us about his beginnings in Mataró, as an amateur actor. Listening to him, you will be able to hear his review of his experience in the EPMA Theater Group, in the Parish of Maria Auxiliadora in the Cerdanyola district of Mataró.

The protagonist of the interview explains that his love of theater came from a very young age and he inherited it from his father. He also tells us the reasons for his trip to the Spanish capital and how he is currently doing there as a professional actor.

We will know that going to Madrid meant for him to start from scratch and face life alone. Now, after sixteen years in the state capital, he is considered another Madrilenian, although he has never given up being Catalan.

In Madrid, he started through an acting agency while still studying. He soon made his first appearances and gradually entered the world of theater, but he has also made films and participated in television series.

As in the world of culture in general, I had different projects in sight, but everything is pending to know how we get out of the situation we are living.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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