Mataró Cultural records the presentation in Mataró of the Latin American Agenda 2021

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The event, organized by the Third World Group of Mataró, was attended by Jordi Planas, coordinator of the Latin American Agenda in Catalonia and Glòria Casaldàliga, niece of Bishop Pere Casaldàliga.

The coordinator in Catalonia of the Latin American Agenda, Jordi Planas, in his speech made a recognition to the Third World Group, for defending the causes of Pere Casaldàliga, among others.

He goes on to say that the agenda, an initiative of Casaldàliga and Jose Maria Vigil, both Claretians, is thirty years old. The agenda is the theme of a popular education campaign on human values.

It is currently translated into many languages ​​and its content can be found on the internet. In addition, videos and other educational resources are made to help get the message across.

In 2021, the agenda is dedicated to the indigenous cause, the gender cause and the ecological cause, and addresses reflections on the consequences of the crisis due to COVID19 and what we can learn from it.

Mrs. Glòria Casaldàliga, niece of Bishop Pere Casaldàliga, then spoke. His words were a reminder of his uncle, the driving force behind the Latin American agenda, who passed away a few months ago.

Casaldàliga talks about the causes that motivated Bishop Pere’s action. He also told some anecdotes that prove his personality. For his niece, Pere Casaldàliga was both a social activist and a mystic. He explains that the causes of Casaldàliga are still valid and much work remains to be done.

The event ended with a performance by Genis Mayola, guitar and vocals; Anna Salicrú, flutes; and Magda Huguet, recitatives. They performed excerpts from the Cantata de la Terra sin Mal, with text by Pere Casaldàliga and music by Genis Mayola. Finally, Victor Jara's "Plegaria a un labrador" could be heard.

The video of the event can be seen at Mataró Cultural youtube channel.

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