Mataró Cultural will broadcast a special program for Sant Jordi

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Although the confinement situation hinders all kinds of activity, Mataró Cultural did not want to miss the opportunity to participate in the Sant Jordi Day, programming for that day a special program.

From the beginning of the situation of health alarm, which forces us to remain confined, that Mataró Cultural started activities to help make this situation easier.

During the first two weeks that, daily, the different spaces of the “Promotion of Reading” were published that had been issued up to that time, then, and also for two weeks, the various Helena Jubany Awards have been commented on and disseminated short stories or stories to be told, which can be found on theHelena Jubany Association.

Now we think it's time to resume activity at the radio and the whole team is working on it. The first of the proposals is a special program of Sant Jordi in which the bookseller Manel Márquez, of the Márquez Bookstore, will tell us what is the editorial news of this Sant Jordi and how it is planned to celebrate Book Day. On the other hand, different collaborators, among them the dean of the AUB Communication Faculty, M. José Recoder, and the mayor of the city, David Bote, will recommend us a book. All this rounded off with a musical performance by the singer-songwriter Ganís Mayola.

All the people who participated in the program have sent us the recordings that they have made. We thank you for your efforts and wish you, everyone, a happy Saint George's Day.

The program can be heard at Radio the Voice of Cerdanyola from eleven to twelve in the morning on April 23.

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