Mataró Cultural gives voice to Primavera Per La Pau, a choir born in Mataró 37 years ago

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Mataró Cultural brings us closer to Primavera Per La Pau in a conversation with one of its founders and first director, Genís Mayola, and with its current director, Xavier Rodon. Both great music lovers.

Spring for Peace it is not just another entity, its philosophy and objectives make it a unique and very special entity.

Genís Mayola as the Choir was born in 1983 from a coordinator who emerged to remember the bloody coup d'etat in Chile. The Cantata Santa Maria de Iquique, by the Chilean musician Luis Advis, performed by the group Quilapayún, was the beginning. A source of vindication and solidarity. Genís Mayola explains.

The name came from a campaign launched in the wake of the NATO referendum.

The first performances did not have a goal of continuity, but they were followed by performances and concerts until today, that the choir is consolidated.

The human group that forms Primavera per la Pau has grown to 80 people, united by the desire to sing for peace, without the need for prior musical knowledge.

After Genís Mayola, Xavier Rodon took the witness stand. Mayola had been conducting the choir for twenty-five years when she suffered a problem that caused her to lose her voice. Because of this, the group was left without a director for a few months. It was at this point that the need was found to find a replacement.

Xavier Rodon explains that he took over by surprise, but with great enthusiasm.

As for the repertoire, Rdon explains that they usually take singer-songwriter music and adapt it to choral singing. Mayola adds that they have also dared to create their own themes. Many times based on poems by other authors.

In the interview, Mayola and Rodon also explain the different places where they have performed and some of the anecdotes they have lived through.

Finally, the current director, Xavier Rodon, reviews the choir's immediate projects, from new performances to the recording of a new album.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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