Mataró Cultural gives voice to the Helena Jubany Cultural Association

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On this occasion, Mataró Cultural has invited the Helena Jubany Cultural Association to the “La Veu de les Entitats” space of our Program, which is broadcast fortnightly on Ràdio La Veu TV.

To get to know the association better, we talked to Joan Jubany father and Joan Jubany son, father and brother of Helena.

The first thing they explain is the birth of theentity in 2008, when they see that things are not going well in court and they want to keep the memory of Helena alive.

Her father tells us that Helena was a girl in love with literature in all its versions, reading, writing, she even liked to tell stories and tales, young and old.

Helena was a journalist and worked at the Sentmenat Library. She considered herself a disciple of Montserrat Roig.

That's why the association created the literary prize that bears his name: the Helena Jubany Award for short storytelling or storytelling, of which the 14th edition has been convened a few days ago.

The promoters of the Prize wanted her to cover all the literary aspects that Helena liked. It is called on February 27, the day of her birth, and is awarded on December 2, the day she was killed, with a budget of around eight thousand euros. Writers from all over the Catalan Country are presented annually. The winner will receive a prize and a check for three thousand euros, and the work will be distributed weeks later with the newspaper ARA. In the interview, they tell us the details of the award, including who is on the jury.

Before the end of the interview, Helena's father and brother tell us how they are after the announcement of the revocation, by L'Audiència de Barcelona, ​​of the reopening of the case of the murder of Helena. Listening to them, you will see that they do not give up and want to keep fighting until the end, while appreciating the solidarity of many people, which makes them feel very accompanied.

Here you can listen to the full program.

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