Margarida Colomer: a woman who makes history

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Mataró Cultural talks to Margarida Colomer, daughter of workers, teacher, historian, writer and, above all, a social activist concerned about the role of women in the cooperative movement and, in general, in Catalan society and the region.

Colomer has studied the contemporary history of the Maresme region, especially Mataró and Argentona. The daughter of a textile worker, when she was very young they went to look for her to work as a teacher in France. She was the first female teacher at the Anxaneta School and also worked, when she was a primary school, at the Bons Amics School, in the Cerdanyola district.

She has dedicated herself, among others, to the figure of the former mayor of Mataró, Josep Abril i Argemí, and to the cooperative movement and the workers ’struggle, especially that of women.

Today's protagonist has written a significant number of articles in specialized magazines and more than a dozen books, all around the topics that most concern her: the events surrounding the Spanish Civil War and the situation of women. worker during those years.

Colomer receives us in the courtyard of her house in Argentona, a town where she was a government councilor for four years. A task that he did not dare to continue to dedicate himself to what he likes most, researching and writing. Nevertheless, his political concerns have not disappeared.

In the conversation, Margarida Colomer reviews her personal career and her experience as a teacher. We will learn about his early years as a teacher and how he became interested in studying the history of a particular era and its characters.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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