The Mataro sculptor Manuel Cusachs, the protagonist of the space, is interviewed. We talked to his son

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The people who make up the Mataró Cultural team have considered that we had an obligation to talk about one of the most important artists our city has ever had, we are referring to the sculptor Manuel Cusachs i Xivillé.

Unfortunately, Cusachs he left us just over a year ago. That’s why, exceptionally, we’ll be interviewing his son Manuel Cusachs i Colomer.

Cusachs, who began his artistic training at the drawing school of Manuel Cuyàs, also from Mataró, soon acquired a solid training in painting and artistic perspective and became interested in caricature and portraiture. But the direct contact with the quarries of the Maresme, inclined it definitively towards the sculpture.

He was an academic of the Royal Catalan Academy of Fine Arts of Sant Jordi and in 2001 the Generalitat de Catalunya awarded him the Creu de Sant Jordi.

He was also the adopted son of Òrrius, a town in Maresme where he studied and lived for many years.

Both his wife, Maria Teresa Colomer, and his five children were always with Manuel Cusachs and participated in his art. That’s why the first question we ask in the interview is, inevitably, what Manuel Cusachs ’father, grandfather and husband were like.

The portrait and the human figure are a constant in his creation, as is the religious sculpture. This can be seen in both painting and sculpture. We talked about this with Manuel Cuachs son, who also talks about the public works that we can find outside Mataró.

On the other hand, because of Cusachs' relationship with Espriu, he is forced to talk about "The walker and the wall". A collection of sculptures that could be seen completed in the Museum of Mataró during the celebration of the year Espriu, based in the poetic work by Salvador Espriu, which was published under the same name in 1954.

The interview ended with heartfelt words from Maria Teresa Colomer, who was the wife and muse of Manuel Cusachs.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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