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To introduce you to the Mataró Orchestra Association, Quim Fernàndez talks to Clàudia Dubé, who is the director, soul and promoter of this exciting adventure, five years ago.

L’AMataró Orchestra Association was born in October 2015 with the vocation of being a classical semi-professional orchestra. On a weekly basis, we can find its members rehearsing at Espai Sincronia. The Expressive Arts Center located on the street Catalonia of Mataró.

Mataró, a city approaching 130,000 inhabitants, had never been able to consolidate a project like this.

The first goal of the Orchestra is to offer musicians with a desire to play classical a place where they can share this musical experience. Another goal is to encourage classical music; the musical culture that, as you explain, is the basis of all current music.

In conversation Claudia Dubé, director of the Mataró Orchestra, explains the beginnings of the project, when she and two other people "threw themselves into the pool". Dubé also assesses how the goals set five years ago have been achieved.

The members of the Mataró Orchestra are mainly amateur and semi-professional musicians of different levels, both established musicians and students or senior musicians with high musical experience. For the conductor, this is exactly the magic of the orchestra.

L’Mataró Orchestra focuses on a classical repertoire as a solo orchestra, but is also offered as an orchestral resource for choral organizations or other artistic fields that require musical training for their productions.

The Mataró Orchestra usually performs weekly rehearsals, which are divided into partial and group rehearsals. Like all entities, they have been affected by the health crisis in which we find ourselves immersed. Clàudia Dubé tells us how they have dealt with this situation.

Finally, we will learn about the projects that the Mataró Orchestra, if the situation allows, has for the immediate future, the largest in conjunction with other choral and orchestral formations.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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