David Lloveras explained in Mataro Cultural evolution of his graphic work

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In Mataró Cultural interviewed David Lloveras, visual artist, author of the collection IMPRENATURA that a few days ago we met in the halls of the Civic Center area Gatassa.

Asked about his career and how he came to the world of visual arts, Lloveras he tells us that, when he was young, he was already very fond of computers, as well as images and cinema. The same does not happen with the techniques of plastic arts. It is for this reason that, to express his feelings, he chose the photograph that he later deals with digital media.

Asked what the visual arts are for him, he answers that it is a way of expressing the feelings of the artist by applying digital techniques to the image.

Regarding the IMPRENATURA project, which for two weeks could be seen in the rooms of the Civic Center Area Gatassa, explains that he has always been a lover of nature, which is why he takes many of his photographs in this environment. The IMPRENATURA collection, which consists of a total of 141 images, is born from the treatment of these photographs, painting them with digital techniques.

Then he tells us about a new project for 2020, which consists of seeing the year through a daily photograph, in square Instagram format, digitally processed. In this way, at the end of the year he will offer us a total of 366 photographs that will form part of the collection.

To finish, we must say that another activity that currently occupies a lot of time for our interviewee, also within the audiovisual world, is that of a collaborator for La Veu de Cerdanyola.

Although he is formally only a collaborating photographer, he participates in the production and editing of different programs and is training to be able to edit video in professional quality.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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