The "Active Book" exchange bookstore combines the social, cultural and solidarity aspects

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Mataró Cultural visits the "Active Book" project, a free book exchange service offered by the Maresme Training and Prevention Center in the Cirera district of Mataró, in which people with mental health problems collaborate.


The "Active Book" project is a free book exchange service run by people with mental health issues.

The proposal, which depends on the Maresme Training and Prevention Center, combines the social, cultural and solidarity aspects.

To tell us the details of this very attractive project, Mataró Cultural talks to its manager, Mr. Jaume Rodon, who receives us at the premises on Carrer Muntanya.

Jaume Rondon explains to us, in your own words, what the Active Book project consists of. Its goal is to promote culture in the neighborhood and provide an opportunity for people with mental health issues to get involved. In 2008 they were inspired by the Living Book project, in the Rocafonda district, with which they continue to have a relationship.

The Maresme Training and Prevention Center has long been linked to the neighborhood. He started caring for young people and was able to use the premises that currently host the Active Book thanks to a donation from Caritas.

Anyone can use the service, just bring a book to exchange. They maintain relationships with various entities and also collaborate with various schools and libraries.

The usual people in the service, explains Jaume Rodon, have a higher profile as a reader and tend to look for a novel they haven't read, while the occasional visitor takes more books than the so-called ral, in which photographs abound. .

On the other hand, Llibre Actiu works transversally with other projects of the Association, such as Alterarte, with whom they organize annual Floral Games for Sant Jordi.

For our part, we would be happy if you could pick up a book that you have already read and exchange it for one that you like. You can find it on the shelves of Active Book.

Llibre Actiu is located at 79 Muntanya Street, in the Cirera district. We can guarantee that you will be able to park easily on the plot in front of you.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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