The Brotherhood of Jesus Captive and Ntra. Mrs. dels Dolors is the protagonist in our program

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Mataró Cultural speaks with Jèssica Jiménez, “Hermana Mayor” of the Brotherhood of Jesus Captive and Ntra. Mrs. dels Dolors, protagonist of the Palm Sunday afternoon in Mataró with the Prendiment Procession, one of the most followed after the General procession on Friday.

Jessica Jimenez tells us that the Brotherhood of which she is now the "Big Sister," has about five hundred brothers and sisters. He will review the different roles of responsibility of the entity, with the company of which he directs it.

For her, the Procession of the Arrest has become a benchmark in Catalonia. It analyzes the motives, which may be religious, cultural, or simply traditional, and tells us how excited those involved are.

The conversation does not lack references to the origins of the images that the Brotherhood takes to the streets every Easter, as well as to their musical group.

There are also comments on the reasons that led the interviewee to enter the Brotherhood and, later, to be chosen as her "Big Sister".

Solidarity is also part of the day-to-day running of the organization. Solidarity with city organizations that work to help those most in need.

Don't miss the interview, which you can listen to in full here.

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