The Fundació el Maresme has been in charge of the printing of the Saints 2022

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Natàlia Belmonte and Núria Garolera are the authors of the designs for the print of Les Santes 2022, the first made with a colored pencil procedure, and the other made with the gouache technique.

It is a tradition for the parish of Santa Maria to distribute, as a reminder and thanks, a picture with the images of Juliana and Semproniana to all those who attend the Mass of the Saints, as well as those who contribute to the expenses for the interpretation of the "Mass of Glory" by Monsignor Manuel Blanch i Puig (1827-1883), which takes place every 27 July.

To this end, every year the parish asks the artist from Mataró to make the print, so that he can contribute his creative look to a long iconographic tradition of the figure of the two virgins and martyrs.

This 2022, which marks the 250th anniversary of the arrival of the first relics of the Saints from the monastery of Sant Cugat del Vallès, a fact that was decisive in the growth of the city's devotion and love for its patrons , the parish has requested the design of the print from the Fundació el Maresme, one of the entities in the region that work for the social integration and improvement of the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities and their families. It has done so with the aim of helping to make visible and to give value to the inclusive art practice carried out by the Foundation.

Thus, the organization extended the proposal of Santa Maria to several of its centers where people with a special interest in the visual arts and, singularly, in painting attend. Of the total number of works carried out in this creative process, two have been chosen. One is a design made by Natàlia Belmonte, with a colored pencil procedure, and the other is by Núria Garolera, made with the gouache technique.

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