The Director-Manager of the Iluro Foundation, Marta Ibarz, talks to us about the entity

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In this edition of the Voice of Entities, we talk about a foundation with a cultural and social vocation. The Iluro Foundation, despite its youth (it was created in 2013), is deeply rooted in the city of Mataró.

Its Board of Trustees is made up of various cultural entities in the city, which are: Òmnium Cultural, Associació Sant Lluc per l'Art, Foment Mataroní, Center Catòlic de Mataró, Museu Arxiu de Santa Maria and the Mataró City Council is also represented. . In addition, there are professionals of recognized prestige appointed by the other employers.

Just starting the conversation, Marta Ibarz explains that the origins of the Iluro Foundation are in the old social work of the defunct Caixa Laietana.

The Director of the Foundation then reviews the different spaces they manage: the Ateneu, the Popular Library, the Casa Coll i Regàs and the Santa Teresa Street Auditorium, as well as the activity that takes place there. .

On the situation of the Popular Library, Ibarz comments that, as for the Foundation, they have fulfilled all their commitments and believes that the City Council is working to make it a reality soon.

The Iluro Prize is another initiative of which the organization is very proud. Towards the end of the conversation, Matar Ibarz tells us about the social activity of the entity he directs in favor of projects of other entities.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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