Jordi Parera exhibits his works in the Sant Lluc room of the Casal Aliança in Mataró

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The Sant Lluc Association for Art is invited to visit the exhibition "I PUT ON PAINTING" by the artist Jordi Parera, which can be visited from February 11 to March 13 in the Sala Sant Lluc from Casal Aliança, in c / Bonaire 25 baixos de Mataró.

This is a novice painter who has decided to take the plunge. As he explains, this is how he himself:Due to Covid's restrictions, I was left with no excuses to try. Discovering acrylics made it easier. ”

The exhibition includes works made during the year 2021. The artist explains that everything is new to him. You need to paint every day and choose motifs that represent new challenges. “I want copy to be transformed into my own composition and color harmony, which means that the work is part of me. Based on painting and painting I am getting to have the confidence that I can paint anything and that will lead me to be able to create, I think. In short, in a world that prioritizes productivity, painting makes me intuit that I can reach creativity. I paint for that. ”

Parera's words are a statement of intent. Starting next February 11, in the exhibition hall Sant Lluc from Casal Aliança we can see the result of his work. Opening hours are 2/4 from 7 a.m. to 2/4 from 9 p.m., and 2/4 from 2 p.m. to 2/4 from 2 p.m.

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