Joanne Leonie Milne is the winner of the 9th Biennial Prize for Painting Torres García-Ciutat de Mataró 2022

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During the opening ceremony of the exhibition of the finalists, held on June 10, the verdict of the Jury was announced with the proclamation of the winner and the five winners.

A total of 335 works have been submitted to this call. From which the Jury has selected the forty finalists, which can be seen at the Ateneu Centro Cultural of the Iluro Foundation until August 28.

Among the finalists, the winner of the award chose the work “Walking in labyrinthine loops ” (Acrylic without wood canvas, 157 × 122 cm), authored by the artist Joanne Leonie Milne, born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1966 and living in Els Plans de Sió, Lleida.

On the other hand, the following have been awarded:

  • Gonzalo Elvira: Plaza Huincul, Neuquén, Argentina, 1971 and resident in Barcelona, ​​for the work projection dreams (Oil with body 130 x 130cm)
  • Alicia Marsans: Barcelona, ​​1971 and resident in Sant Jordi Desvalls, Girona, for the work the conference of the birds (Mixed without table, 121x 124 cm)
  • Eduard Resbier: Barcelona 1968, resident in Barcelona for the work, Atelier – Cendra 10 (Oli s / lli , 162×114 cm)
  • Luis A. Romero: Caracas, 1971, Venezuela and resident in Barcelona, ​​for the work, Temporality, (Mixed, acrylic s / canvas, 160x130cm)
  • Gonzalo Sicher: Cádiz, 1967 and resident in Cartagena, Murcia for the work Who wants a king? (Oil on canvas, 162x130cm)

The opening ceremony was presided over by the Mayor of Mataró, David Bote, and was attended by the Director of the Territorial Services of Culture of Barcelona, ​​Andreu Felip, as well as the Consul General of Uruguay in Barcelona. Pedro Valenzuela. The president of the Iluro Foundation, Mr. Pere Carles.

The jury for this 9th Torres García-Ciutat de Mataró Biennial Painting Prize is made up of Juan Manuel Bonet, Glòria Bosch, Emmanuel Guigon, Julio Vaquero, Eva Vázquez, and Antoni Luis, president of theSant Lluc Association, who acted as secretary.

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