The names of the soloists of the "Mass of the Saints" are already known

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After the appointment of a new director for the "Mass of the Saints", and it was learned that some of the regular soloists this year would not participate, the parish of Santa Maria has issued a statement with the names of all the soloists .

A statement from the parish states that rehearsals for the “Mass of Glory” for orchestra, choir and soloists by the Mataro priest Manuel Blanch i Puig (1827-1883), popularly known as the “Mass of the Saints”, continue to good rhythm every Tuesday and Thursday in the Basilica of Santa Maria ”.

As announced a few weeks ago, in 2022, the 250th anniversary of the arrival of the relics of the patron saints in the city of Mataró, the management of the MIssa will be in charge of Claudia Dubé Oranias. This is the first time she has opted for female leadership.

After two years marked by restrictions due to the health emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, this year the popular heart has recovered in the traditional format. Some voices had proposed a choir of popular origin but smaller, with greater artistic demand.

It has been reported today that the director and her team of collaborators, despite the short time they have available, are making progress in all the preparations for the orchestral and solo rehearsals and for the day of the Mass. The names of the soloists have also been announced, which will be: Marga Cloquell (soprano), Marisa Martins (mezzo-soprano) i Toni Marsol (baritone), who also took part last year, and the Basque tenor Alberto Canet Muga, which will be released this year.

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