We wanted to get to know the Association of the Administration of Saints better

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In the space the Voice of the Entities we wanted to get to know a new entity in our city that, year after year, makes the Office of the Festa Major possible. Us we present the Association of the Administration of Saints.

Josep Maria Font, a prominent member of the Administration of the Saints, will introduce us to an association that makes it possible for the people of Mataro to enjoy the Office of the Saints, a religious service, on July 27 of each year. an extraordinary piece of music recognized as the Cultural Heritage of the country.

The Administration of the Saints was born around the Parish of Santa Maria and the organization of the Office of the Saints. Another function of the entity is to look after all the artistic heritage that revolves around the Saints, mainly the museum and the chapel.

In the past, the rector himself directed what was the Mass and the entity collaborated in the organization of the service.

Font tells us that when we refer to heritage, we are talking so much about historical elements kept by the Archive Museum of Santa Maria, whether religious or artistic objects. The visits are also coordinated by the Santa Maria Archive Museum.

The Saints Administration is chaired by the oldest member and has a Governing Board of six people. Josep Maria Font explains that historically the organization has not been too transparent when it comes to explaining who is part of it and what they do. Precisely, one of the current goals is to change this fact and improve communication.

Both the members of the organization and those who form the choir are volunteers. Jordi Arenas was the first to seek to improve the quality of soloists and musicians. By express mandate of Mn. Blanch, the heart must be popular. In the interview, Font sends a clear message that the future lies in maintaining this popular participation.

We recommend that you listen to the full interview to discover this little-known entity that has made possible, for many years, the central event of our Festa Major, declared Intangible Cultural Heritage by the Generalitat in 2010.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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