Foto Cine Mataró of the UEC is this week’s guest entity in Mataró Cultural

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Quim Fernàndez, from Mataró Cultural, talks to the president of Foto Cine Mataró at the UEC, Jaume Estapé, who receives us in the exhibition hall used by the UEC’s premises in Mataró.

On this occasion, in the Espai la Veu de les Entitats we have invited an entity created in 1957 and which since 1963 merged with the Unió Excursionista de Catalunya. We refer to Photo Cinema Mataró, the only entity in Mataró dedicated to photography in all fields, from exhibitions to training.

To do this we have with us Mr. Jaume Estapé, to whom we thank for dedicating a few minutes to Mataró Cultural and welcome him to our program.

Let's start the conversation with a little history. Let's talk about how the beginnings of Foto Cine Mataró were in the fifties of the last century, in the midst of the Franco regime. How the civilian government prevented the legalization of the entity.

It was in 1963, when Vicenç Arís for Photo-Cinema Mataró, and the photographer Santi Carreras, for Foto Cine Mataró, agreed on the merger, which allowed Foto Cine Mataró to start its activity.

Regarding the relationship with associations in the same field in other towns, Foto Cine Mataró va is one of the founding entities of the Catalan Federation of Photography, which provides them with a relationship with other groups with which they share objectives .

Jaume Estapé explains that they organize exhibitions, do training, in recent years, have also collaborated with the City Council and for 52 years they have been organizing a photography competition on a continuous basis.

We remember the time when cinema played an important role in the organization, it was the time when Enric Fité participated with impressive success in international festivals. Nowadays, however, it is as if new technologies and new trends have displaced this fondness for amateur filming.

In the cultural field, we are all very clear that painting and sculpture are part of what we call art. The president of Foto Cine Mataró defends that photography is also an art, although instead of canvas and brushes, the artist uses the camera and lately countless technological resources.

In the final section of the conversation, Estapé regrets, as do other entities, the lack of new additions, young people and also women.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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