We take a tour of the trajectory of the Mataró Historical Memory Research Group

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The aims or objectives of this group are: To recover facts and testimonies of the republican action, to collaborate with the Democratic Memorial of Catalonia and also to collaborate with entities with similar purposes.

He Mataró Historical Memory Research Group was founded in April 2002, but it was not until 2008 that the entity was not legalized. Although the organization has been in our city for eighteen years, there is a period of six years of little activity and thirteen of full recognition.

The member of Mataró Cultural, Albert Geronès, talks in the space “La Veu de les Entitats” with Pablo Morales, current president, and Modesta Rodríguez, who had been before.

The group was founded based on comments made by two people on a TV show in Mataró, which was later absorbed by local public television. The president of the organization tells us in the conversation how it was, as well as what the embryo of the entity was.

The first action of the Mataró Historical Memory Research Group was at the beginning of 2003, when the monument was promoted by the people of Mataró shot in the Camp de la Bota, which was not inaugurated until 2007.

Preserving historical memory is very important, because it helps us understand what our most recent past has been like. That’s why the organization has contacted the city’s institutes to collaborate.

On September 20, they promoted in Mataró the placement of fifteen cobblestones with the name of fifteen Mataro residents who died in Nazi concentration camps. In this way, they joined the international campaign that emerged in Germany and was called "stolpersteine". But this is not the only tribute the organization pays to those retaliated against. In the interview, they tell us about other activities and citizen events in which they participate, although some have been suspended this year due to the effects of the pandemic.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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