We interviewed Boris Ruiz, film and theater actor, who also played major roles in television series

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Boris Ruiz tells Cultural Mataro which began as a Sala Cabins actor, although he had previously made a Nativity Children La Coma.

From room Cabins passed to the Casal with Carles Maicas. Shortly afterwards, after participating in several amateur projects, he made the leap to professional theater.

Along with other collaborators, he is the author of Cap de la Momerota i la Momeroteta. He was also the author of the mask of Pellofa II. He tells us that, even a year ago, he made the proclamation of Les Santes, our main festival.

Thanks to his relationship with Sala Cabanyes, Boris Ruiz was the organizer of the first meeting of Satanasos de Catalunya, meetings that are still taking place and that Mataró has hosted on more than one occasion.

He has recently participated in the series Merlí, produced by TV3. Also on TV3, he played the role of “Ramiro” in Vent del Pla and “Mercader” in La Granja, as well as “Marius Bertran” in Nissaga de Poder.

He acknowledges that, in his artistic and professional career, theater has been what has most marked him. He went to the Institut del Teatre in Granollers and later to the one in Barcelona, ​​but he was there for a short time because he immediately received job offers that prevented him from taking the courses.

In the last part of the interview, he tells us about his experience in cinema, where he has also played great roles and received important awards. Just a week ago, he finished filming "La Vampira de Barcelona", with Lluís Danés from Maresme.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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