We interview Maria Majó, a great social and cultural activist

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Among many other volunteer actions, Maria Majó is an active member of the National Board of Òmnium Cultural, the organization with the most members in the country, which works for language, culture and social cohesion.

A few days ago, on behalf of the Rocafonda AV, Maria Majó received the Award FEM MATARÓ 2022 in the category of the best innovative initiative to promote equal opportunities for social and territorial cohesion. A project promoted by the Hospital Foundation.

In the interview, she is very happy with the award she received. He explains how a technician from the Hospital Foundation contacted the residents ’association to develop an“ extension ”of the 12-year-old Banco del Temps project in Rocafonda. Maria Majó stands out in Cultural Mataro, how the project creates bonds of friendship between the people involved in the exchange of time and how this can be especially rich in a neighborhood where different cultures coexist.

Another topic we addressed in the interview with Maria Majó is Cultural Fridays in Rocafonda. A project that has no cost, but is done voluntarily and in collaboration with other entities, with the aim of bringing cultural activities that are not usually done in the neighborhoods, such as theater, cinema, concerts, conferences,…

As part of the National Board of Omnium Cultural, he says it's a gift they've given him. She thought about it long before saying that because of her great involvement and dedication Rocafonda, but now she is very happy to share the board with an excellent group of very dedicated and young people, with a very high level of commitment. He is on the side of social cohesion, education and language, issues that, as a teacher, he has worked on for many years.

We end the interview with Mary’s statement about the importance of being happy and helping others to be happy.

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