We visited the sculptor and artist Josep Maria Gomis in his studio in Mataro

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In space the interview this week, Mataro Cultural Radio Voice of Cerdanyola, Mataró we spoke with the sculptor residing in Vilassar de Mar, Josep Maria Gomis

Gomis, author of different images of the Basilica of Santa Maria and also of the parish of the Sagrada Família in the Cirera district of Mataró, explains in an interview with Cultural Mataro how is the process of creating his sculptures.

We were able to do the interview in a small studio that the artist has in Mataró, where he also teaches drawing courses, surrounded by some of his recent works. Gomis usually works in another larger studio in Vilassar de Mar, which is where he currently resides.

The protagonist of today's interview has held different solo exhibitions in Mataró, Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, Vilassar de Mar, Barcelona, ​​Palma de Mallorca and also in Albarrasí. He has also participated in different collectives, highlighting the work that is currently on display at the MEAM (European Museum of Modern Art). He is currently preparing a new exhibition for 2020 at the Distillery and another at the Monjo Museum.

Gomis declares himself mostly a sculptor. For him, drawing is an essential step in reaching sculpture, and watercolor is nothing more than a more elaborate drawing, to which color has been applied to water.

In terms of materials, he prefers to model the clay and then be able to extract the molds, although often, if they are small-format sculptures and do not have to go outside, sometimes baked clay can be the final material .

Finally, Gomis reveals the secret of the authorship of the images in The Saints of the Parish of Mary Help of Christians, which until now were listed as an anonymous author, since when he made them he worked very close to there and went prefer not to get his name out.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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