Interview in his studio the artist Albert Geronès

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In the program broadcast on Sunday, October 6, the collaborator of Mataró Cultural, Ariadna Morales, interviewed the Mataró artist Albert Geronès.

L’Albert Geronès, with a degree in Geography and History and a master's degree in History Didactics, already has, among groups and individuals, more than 40 exhibitions throughout his career as an artist.

Geronès explains Cultural Mataro that currently, in the exhibition of the Galeria Aragó in Barcelona you can see two pieces from his collection “Terra de Fades”. The exhibition, which is collective, is called "Eclectic".

The artist from Mataró, although he also makes figurative art, is currently working, above all, on what he defines as a "purely abstract" style. He tells us that, for him, abstract art conveys emotions, feelings, sensations, moods….

To create his works, in addition to color, Geronès uses matter, for example iron shavings. He believes that to be abstract it is not easier to make a work. It is necessary to reflect before, and to consider how the feelings are wanted to shape.

A teacher by profession, the artist we are interviewing today, had already given art classes and, together with a classmate, was the "ninotaire" of the school when it was necessary to make a special decoration for a celebration. Retiring represented an opportunity to train and begin his career as an artist.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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