We enter the cultural space "La Destil·leria" in Mataró

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In today's "La Veu de les Entitats" space, we have entered La Destil·leria. We are talking about a Cultural Space, a center for learning and disseminating culture and art. A private space with a vocation for public space that manages an art gallery and a school, coordinated by Agit Baqué, with whom we were able to talk.

In the gallery space, The Distillery promoted contemporary art with works by artists, both emerging and established. They are artists who work in different techniques: painting, drawing, engraving, sculpture, photography or video.

On the other hand, the center offers annual training in drawing and painting, plastic expression, jewelry, restoration and music, as well as monographic workshops on portraiture and drawing in motion, among other proposals.

In our conversation, Agit Baqué explains that, after studying the local market and seeing that in Mataró there was a lack of exhibition spaces, as well as places where, especially the little ones, they could learn the techniques of drawing, the idea of which today we know as The Distillery.

Despite working for the proven company for 22 years, Baqué admits that she has always been connected to the art world, especially photography.

At the Distillery, in addition to buying pieces of art and taking a course there, we can also rent spaces for presentations, conferences and even personalized birthday parties. Agit Baqué explains that La Destil·leria is a space open to everyone, always in relation to art.

It is especially interesting to hear how its coordinator explains the relationship of The Distillery with the artists. In their spaces there is always some artist working on it. The value of public-private collaboration with the M | A | C (Mataró Art Contemporani) has been added for some years.

In the field of training, the jewelry workshop stands out, but the extracurricular workshops or the courses that take place in the summer are no less important.

Currently, in La Destil·leria we find the collective "Fins a tres-cents", which seeks to bring art closer to everyone. The exhibition includes works by different artists at a price of no more than 300 euros.

From Mataró Cultural we wish La Destil·leria that it can continue for many years to fulfill the goal of becoming a place of reference for people who are interested in all kinds of cultural and artistic manifestations, because Mataró needs it.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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