We enter the Laietana Press, one of the historic printing presses in the city

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Mataró Cultural interviews Trinitat Cruzate to learn a little more about the profession of printer and how printers worked before computers and digital technology revolutionized the sector.

On this occasion, Mataró Cultural has wanted to get closer to a profession that has practically disappeared today. So we went to the old Laietana Printing House, where we talked to Trinitiat Cruzate about what was a printing house that he describes as historic.

The Laietana printing press was founded in 1948 and was in operation until 2004, working on the typography.

In the interview, Trinitat Cruzate tells us the story of the house of Cals Notaris, where the facilities and machinery that was in operation for more than half a century are still.

He also tells us how the family started the business, first in Carrer Sant Pere and later in Cals Notaris.

New technologies applied to printing and also the disappearance of the knitwear industry caused printing presses to disappear.

We invite you to follow the interview on our YouTube channel.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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  1. Immaculate. González i Navarra
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    I really liked it .. I knew about Imprenta Laietana, I even keep printed papers with a logo designed by them Congratulations.

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